Happy new year to all!

Happy new year! Happy new Chronicles!

Praise be to Jesus Christ! May the 2021 be even better than the 2020! New year, new virus, new blog! I’ve refreshed my old jblew.pl blog with posts up to 2009! It’s intended to be a Chronicle. I am adding here all the content I create for various other initiatives/websites. May it serve as an archive and chronicle for anyone interested in the Curious case of JB Lewandowski. Cheers! ~~~ What is this steel?... Read more!

Jan 1, 2021 · 1 min · Jędrzej Bogumił Lewandowski
Jędrzej's lecture on Infomeet

How to unleash the power of Typescript in your project — my lecture on Infomeet Wrocław

When you have a well managed JS project with unit and E2E tests — Typescript is the final addition that adds the last puzzle to your testing strategy — type safety. If typing strategy is designed well — typescript will provide strong value to the project without additional costs.... Read more!

Oct 19, 2019 · 1 min · Jędrzej Bogumił Lewandowski

I was born

06.06.06 is the day of my birth. This site is a Chronicle — that’s why I include information like this.... Read more!

Jun 6, 1995 · 1 min · Jędrzej Bogumił Lewandowski